Dr. Homebrew | Episode #150: Live From HomebrewCon 2019


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In this episode of Dr. Homebrew, we are joined by George Bailey if Sensafe, makers of the iDip Water Testing Kit for brewers. George tells us about their latest test kit, the eXact iDip Professional Test Kit, which has en entire suite of capabilities that were previously not available to homebrewers or small scale professional brewers. Now you can test more than 40 water parameters and send all the information directly to your smart phone! Later in the show we are joined by three different homebrewers who share their creations with the doctors. Chris Nash brings in his IPA, Eric Meyer shared his American Pale Ale with ginger, and Steve Hiller presents a Twitbier (a.k.a. English Hefeweizen). All of their beers are part of a fantasy draft project (with beer instead of sports) created by the Miami Area Society of Homebrewers. Tune in and learn all about the creative and fun ways their club created a unique competition for their members.

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