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This week on The Session, we welcome Harmony and Levi Fried from Long Beach Beer Lab to the studio. Levi and Harmony have extensive education, training, and professional medical science and classic pastry making and baking. And this is where the fun begins! The dynamic duo left their previous careers behind to marry their passions (personally and literally) and open a beer lab (brewery) and bakery in Levi's hometown of Long Beach, California. Today we learn how the two met and how they ended up here, sharing incredible creations and living their dream of owning their own business together. Levi is also on a mission to document the results, and find the perfect scenario, to produce the perfect quick fermentation beers with Kveik Yeast. By our taste tests, he's getting close. And finally, much to our surprise, we get a visit from Mike "Tasty" McDole who jumps back on the mic and is definitely his good ol' self. It's a classic Session you shouldn't miss!

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