EP61: EXCLUSIVE client training - Navigating the Journey to Clarity with Jeff Moore


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People are a treasure trove of lessons. Because no two of us have exactly the same story, the best thing we can do as we search for clarity and alignment is to surround ourselves with others who can encourage, teach, and provide us with some much-needed perspective.

Jeff Moore is one of the most well-connected individuals you could ever hope to meet. His exceptional network stems from his passion for people - loving on them, learning from them, and helping them realize their skills and value to the fullest. From his work as Director of Seafood and Business Development at Global Protein Group and the founder of Thursday Night Boardroom & co-founder of The Network, Jeff keeps his dedication to growth and his love of helping others at the center of everything he does.

On this episode of The Bridge to Fulfillment, Blake and Jeff explore the journey to clarity, how critical vulnerability and openness are as your self-image evolves, the trap of holding tightly to the "thing" that defines you, and the singular power of asking the right questions. Join in to take a step towards trusting yourself and going confidently towards the success and fulfillment you’re seeking.

You’ll Learn

  • Why pure experience, in and of itself, is the most powerful and lasting part of your path forward (no matter which way it takes you)
  • How to identify just the next few steps to avoid being overwhelmed by the larger picture
  • What learned helplessness means, how it applies to us, and what we can do to counteract it
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“It's like climbing that mountain. The only thing you can see is that peak from where you are. But once you get to that peak, there's a whole other peak. A

This isn't the stopping point. Let’s just keep growing and evolving.”

- Jeff Moore

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You are capable of far more than you can imagine. Life doesn’t have to be an either/or. You can have it all and do it without taking a leap or risking what you’ve worked so hard to build!

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