Episode #44 // How To Have Tough Conversations with Your Partner, with Dr. Rebekah Montgomery


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For whatever reason, I can't remember Austin & I's first argument in our relationship, but I can remember our first argument in marriage, easily. We were on our honeymoon in South Africa and we had an argument so big it made me question everything. I honestly don't remember what it was about, but I remember the feeling -- one where I doubted if we could do this -- aka marriage. "Did we really have what it takes?" ran through my head. Turns out, we still argue, and on today's episode of The Broomstick Podcast, I learned that's normal and even productive -- if you learn to have disagreements, not arguments. Dr. Rebekah Montgomery, relationship therapist & specialist, joined me in the guest chair to educate us ALL on how to argue fair. PS: if you listen to the podcast, can you leave a review? That would make my heart sing :)

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