S4E11 – It’s Not Easy Being Green


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S4E11 – It’s Not Easy Being Green

Urban not fixing what isn’t broken.

A good weekend to knock stuff off the old to-do list

Bobcats vs Bearcats… why not?

Who is Alabama?

Is TCU (-3.5) easy money (Reminder: Don’t IRL gamble)?

But have you seen 300?

Why (and how) you should stay up for the UW vs ASU game.

It’s a wave…. It’s green

We have water puns

Is Tulane in good position to score some points this Saturday?

With a name like Darnell Monney…

We’d rather do math than talk about Tulane.

What we know, and what we don’t know, about Bosa.

Pad them stats, Dwayne Haskins, pad them stats.

LBJ vs MJ… who is the better… actor?

-Outro Music-

John’s Little Sister

Sad Eyes

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