S4E17 - Say Something Nice


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S4E17 - Say Something Nice

Gonna start throwing to the TE ..yeah right

Is the pass rush failing, could it get worse?

New(?) alternate uniforms go public

Burrow vs Bulldogs, and more in the #SlooPicks

Is WVU on upset alert?

Wisconsin vs Michigan... who's more overrated?

Know Your Enemy: The Gold Gophers of Minnesota

Say something nice about Minnesota

Will #OhioState give up ANOTHER big play Saturday?

Maroon & Gold... underrated?

#OhioState is a pass-first offense... do you care?

Dilly on the barbie

Here's the thing about Bob Dylan...

Is Haksinks really, actually, #OhioState's GOAT?

Can Chase conquer the the Minnesotan giant?

Just a little bit on stalking

-Outro Music-

Chris Salyer and The Shooter

Last Night In Town

#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState #Buckeyes




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