S4E18 - Everybody Stinks Part II


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S4E18 - Everybody Stinks Part II

Is #Ohio state a 2nd half team? If so, Why?

Is it time for Bill Davis to go?

How much of the defensive struggles are due to injury?

Slants & Slants & Slants & Slants

Who is the playmaker, game changer, tide turner for the defense?

Where were Chase Young & Dre’Mont Jones?

Do we expect too much from this young defense?

Will Urban Meyer do the right thing?

What’s better the KJH’s TD catch?

How many records will Haskins own by year’s end?

What the hell is wrong with the running game?

Defensive woes… scheme, development, or talent?

#Ohio state has big flaws, but don’t worry, everybody stinks

The entire #Top10 looked bad this weekend.

Don’t play football in Iowa unless you are from Iowa

Be very concerned about Purdue next week

WE DID IT!!!!! #saveDtheCrew

-Outro Music-

The Sonder Bombs

Twinkle Lights

#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState #Buckeyes




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