S4E29 - Lowered Expectations


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S4E29 - Lowered Expectations

Urban health initiative.

#OhioState stuck at 10… right or wrong?


Which Florida team is worse?

Jared predicts the end of the #IronBowl.

Death to BTN-plus.

Is Kyle’s Field Kyle’s second favorite field?

#OhioState is an underdog for the first time in a while.

It’s hell being an #OhioState fan.

Will Chase Winovich play?

Does a shootout favor #OhioState?

Can #OhioState pass effectively… stop the run?

Have the defensive coaches learned their lesson?

Is Urban MORE conservative than Tressell?

Will we, for the first time ever, predict an #OhioState loss?

The Dead Schembechlers

Bomb Ann Arbor Now

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