S4E43 - Pre-Spring Depth Charting


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S4E43 - Pre-Spring Depth Charting

Jakob James joins the battle

Will Day refocus recruiting the #Buckeye State?

Nick Starkel to #OhioState? Probably not, dude

McLaurin’s NFL future?

How deep will the DEs & DTs rotate this year?

How much change do we see at LB in 2019?

Arnette, Okudah & Wade… pick two.

Could Brandon White’s role change significantly?

Does Baldwin have a chance in hell at starting?

How do we get McCall the ball?

How do we organize a deep WR core?

Can Ruckert crack the starting 11?

Can Wray or Petit-Frere win a starting role?

We pick our 5 favorite slobs.

What podcasts, non sports, should you listen to?

Game of Thrones special in the works?

#BBall: Was Purdue a good loss?

#BBall buckeye get the W against Nebraska.


Somewhere In The Middle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04rcyjR5mmA)

#BuckeyeNation #GoBucks #OhioState #Buckeyes




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