Episode 01: Introduction to Building a Better World in Your Backyard


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The world's problems are massive and overwhelming. Fortunately, for nearly every global problem there are solutions we can implement in our backyard that, at the same time, save us money and help provide more luxuriant lives.
In this introductory episode, Shawn Klassen-Koop discusses his preferred approaches to solving the world's problems from his book "Building a Better World in Your Backyard - Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys." He talks about what inspired him to work on the book and shares the unique story of how he got together with Paul Wheaton, owner of permies.com, to co-write the book that Paul had been wanting to write for years.
This will be a fixed-length series of 26 short episodes that will introduce some of the ideas and solutions presented in the book.
For more about the book, visit buildingabetterworldbook.com.

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