EP25 From baking trouble in Iceland to become Mr Loveballs in Prague - Davíð Arnórsson/Artic Bakehouse.


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Davíð Arnórsson and his business partner opened the Artic Bakehouse in Prague in 2018. Their amazing bakery became an instant hit in the city and they both became icons of their neighborhood. It is not uncommon to hear people refer to them as Mr Loveballs which is a direct translation of a traditional Icelandic pastry ástarpungar.

Davíð is extremely honest and we covered some very interesting topics and amongst other he told me how it was to grow up on a small island south of Iceland, how he was a troublemaker as a kid, how he knew he would become a baker from an early age and about the tragic loss of his brother just a few years ago. And of course Davíð told me how it is to open a business in the Czech Republic, a country that only had a fraction of the ingredients that he wanted to use to ensure top quality in every piece that they bake in his bakery. https://www.facebook.com/articBakehouse https://www.instagram.com/artic_bakehouse/ https://www.instagram.com/david_arnors/ The Bunker: How the hell did we end up here? https://www.instagram.com/thebunkerprague/ https://www.facebook.com/bunkerprague

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