EP16 The Smart Ass Masochist - Sofia Sollo


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Sofia is a well educated young woman, daughter of a diplomat, talented, good looking. She was an award winning student in private schools all over the world and was on the poetry team! Perfect picture right? Not when you dig deeper. Her father was very abusive and the constant moving made her rootless. She has been dealing with these issues in the past years. Part of her self discovery has led her to dive into BDSM where she identifies as a Smart Ass Masochist....with spanking as her reward/punishment. A Smart Ass Masochist (SAM) is a person who acts out, tries to dominate others or pick fights hoping to be punished (what they really want). Especially in the BDSM community. Basically a submissive who acts like a dominant but really wants to be smacked down by a real dominant. Sofia told me all about her past, present and how it is being a SAM and how that allows her to be her real self despite her past traumas. https://www.facebook.com/bunkerprague

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