EP17 The Witch of Healing - Lenka Lorien


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Lenka was traumatised in her mothers womb and has been searching for healing from early teenage years. Born and raised under communism in the Czech Republic Lenka's path led her to Jehovah's Witnesses which she was part of for a few years, then onwards to England where she got into Cranial Sacral Therapy. She has experimented with psychedelics, ayahuasca, MDMA micro-dosing and multiple other alternative healing methods. Today she heals other people's traumas with a mix of spiritual methods. She also teaches drawing, organises nature hikes and sings...like any good Witch does.

https://lecenitraumatu.cz/ https://lecivy-dotek.cz/ https://terapieprijetim.cz/ http://learndrawing.eu/ https://czechadventure.eu/ https://www.facebook.com/lenka.kolarova https://www.instagram.com/lorienlenka/

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