The Bunker Podcast 201: DJ CZ


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this edition of The Bunker Podcast comes from San Francisco's DJ CZ, aka Chris Zaldua. There he puts on Surface Tension events and runs the Left Hand Pah imprint with Nihar Bhatt, who also turned in an edition of The Bunker Podcast earlier this year. artist statement: "This mix was crafted on two XDJ-1000s and an Allen & Heath mixer in one take. It's sort of a snapshot of where I'm at as a DJ these days, and contains a lot of music I'd play in the club and some I wouldn't. It's not techno, but it's not not-techno. It's not drum'n'bass, but it's not not-drum'n'bass, either. What really interests me is music that's slippery and difficult to define and exists in multiple spaces at once, and that's pretty much what I consider all of these tunes to be. Perhaps the best way to summarize it is in the immortal words of Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™ aka Fonosandwich: They call it donut But it doesn't have a hole." tracklist: Soma / Stygian Vista (Extreme) 1996 Age / Lancet (Mille Plateaux) 1994 Heap / Trippin' (Berceuse Heroique) 2017 (edit of House Hallucinates 1992) Elexos / 49 Mile Scenic Drive (Unreleased) 2019 Front de Cadeaux / Sottofondo Nero (self-released) 2019 (edit of .. unknown) Tobias. / Spectrum V (Ostgut Ton) 2016 Skee Mask / Soundboy Ext. (Ilian Tape) 2018 Pete Namlook & Burhan Öçal / Bir Çalgiyim Gögsüne Yaslanmis Part V (Fax Records) 1998 Hodge / Bam (Berceuse Heroique) 2018 Kid Drama & Om Unit / Untitled 4 (Apollo) 2019 E L O N / Inside the Private City (Left Hand Path) 2019 Speedy J / Amoco Cadiz (Novamute) 2000 Azure Skies / Bring Nothing Back (Ant-Zen) 2001 TSVI / Neutrino (Nervous Horizon) 2018 Forests ?? / Yes (Vague Terrain edit) (Left Hand Path) 2018 Simo Cell / Balandbeat (Brothers From Different Mothers) 2018 Bézier / ?? (Honey Soundsystem) 2019 Wata Igarashi / Kioku (The Bunker NY) 2019

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