BBP 174: My Sobriety Story


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Hey Business Babe! What’s covered in this episode: BBP 174 My Sobriety Story

Join me, Lauren Eliz Love for today's really, really, RAW episode of my sobriety journey.

No it's not July, yet. But I am in Sedona, AZ with my girls!

The day of this recording marked 505 days sober!
I can't wait to share what a spiritual journey it has been to become sober.

Some of the things we cover in this episode could be very triggering and intensive.

We talk about things like:

  • my definition of "sobriety"
  • red flags of unhealthy relationships
  • emotional tools for coping
  • being a single adult and coming into the party life in NYC
  • what I needed to finally shift me away from the patterns of abuse

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