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Kyler Hasson ( stops by The Business Brew to discuss how he has morphed as an investor and as a Registered Investment Advisor. Kyler is one of Bill's good friends and they've chatted about investments for a number of years now. Kyler is an investor that has gravitated to high quality businesses. He has also gravitated towards a less concentrated portfolio in order to fulfill client objectives. We hope you enjoy listening to the two of them sharing lessons they've learned.

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In this episode you will learn how Kyler and Bill think about:

1:35 - How Kyler started his investing career

4:22 - How Kyler views being an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor)

7:17 - Tax drag and how that can hurt investment performance

11:04 - Why finding a great business that can compound returns over time may be a better strategy

15:00 - Mean reversion and risk

18:49 - Moving towards a more diversified portfolio and avoiding overconfidence bias

24:49 - Whether investors *really* want to be like Charlie Munger.

26:02 - A very cool class Kyler took in college

30:32 - Why certain tribe of investors talk past each other

34:12 - Being aware of behavioral biases

36:00 - Lessons from an energy investment

40:36 - Lessons from Altice and why demanding execution might have been a better idea

42:19 - Looking for high quality companies that sell off for non core reasons

48:00 - Culture compounding as a competitive advantage

52:54 - The individual investor's greatest advantage

56:40 - Buying a new position or adding to an existing position

58:00 - Whether buying "cheap" is harder than owning fairly priced quality companies

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