Grocer Power Plays Send Ripples (w/ Sylvain Charlebois)


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Imagine drive-through meals at every Loblaw's supermarket, with President's Choice on the menu board?. Or retailers taking over the better meal prep kit plays. Will grocers unleash their vision of the future? Or will they just test the waters? Will A.I. be cleaning up in aisle four? If so, will it be about customers, or on cutting costs (and people)?
@TheFoodProfessor is is back. This time, helping us understand one of our most important subjects: the challenges retailers and food brands face in providing Canadians with access to affordable, healthy food - when so often they are subsumed by their own competitive dynamics.

What of the intense competition amongst The Big 3 (wait, make that The Big 5)? Is each waiting for the other to make their next move? Will supplier relations become less combative? Will Couche-Tard become a food force? Or will Lidl or Aldi finally arrive?

Listen 6o Ep 24 to find out!

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