Building a Better Agency with Drew McClellan of AMI


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We discuss 2 key problems a lot of agency owners face: (1.) they don't understand their financial metrics ('Agency Math'), and (2.) the agency owner is too entrenched in the day to day operations of the agency. AMI helps agencies solve these problems.
Here are some key ways to build a better agency:
- agency owners must move into their client's sales funnel, and begin helping their clients not only with websites and branding, but sales creation and documentation.
- after assisting with the sales funnel, the agency can go deeper into the sales funnel to: (1.) retain and delight the customer, (2.) obtain customer feedback, and (3.) upsell and add more value to the customer.
- though many agencies feel overwhelmed and want more team members, most agencies are actually overstaffed. Solving the problem involves creating better processes, not necessarily hiring more people.
- agency owners are too slow to make decisions to remove legacy clients or legacy team members that are no longer moving the agency forward.

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