Episode 15: Disability and Kink


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We're back after an unexpected hiatus. Lace totally jinxed us ! In this episode she talks about her new computer and how it'll be so much better for editing and thennnnn it went topsy turvy. BUT WE'RE BACK NOW.

We discuss what disability is, why kinksters need to be aware of potential barriers we put up that keep disabled folks from accessing the community, some ideas about rethinking your inclusion of disabled people, and why you would even want to do that in the first place.

Most importantly, we interview our very first "A Typical Little" - Tinkie Binkie about her perspective regarding her disability and it's impact on her involvement in our community. We also ask her to tell us other stuff because well...we're a bit nosey and she's interesting AF. Tinkie also wanted to mention that she prefers the term "disabled" versus "differently abled", so our bad for referring to her using the incorrect term. Thank you again to Tinkie!

Find your disability cg/l, abdl crew - post your cute photos and hashtag "disabled littles" and "disabled cg/l". Behold all of the cuties that are part of your community!

Show notes:

Find Tinkie on: Twitter Instagram and Youtube ! She is also a promoter for an age play apparel website so you can save money if you use her discount code!

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