Spotting Pop Futurist vs Professional Futurist | Bronwyn Williams (Flux Trends | Futurist, Strategist, Trend Analyst) Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder (UJ Dept. of Marketing Management) Dr. Marius Wait (UJ Dept Marketing Management | HOD)


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Bonus Material included Below. In this stupendous episode with Bronwyn Williams (Futurist, Strategist and Trend Analyst for Flux Trends), Dr. Beate Stiehler-Mulder (UJ Department of Marketing Management) and Dr. Marius Wait (HOD- UJ Dept of Marketing Management) as they talk to host Carmen Murray, Influential Marketer, CX Queen, and CEO of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Services Company. They explore the hot topic thats making their rounds in the boardrooms of multinationals locally and internationally. Can we trust futurists? Can we hold futurist accountable? What are pop futurist? Why are there so many people calling themselves futurist? Can we trust all the people calling themselves futurist? How do you use futurist and what is their purpose? How do you choose a futurist that is right for your business? What are the dangers for businesses that don't do proper horizon planning? Are Innovation departments effective? Can you measure the ROI of Innovation departments? Do they truly understand the future or are they chasing the new? What are the lessons we can learn from the 2020 goals? How do we choose the right futurist to take us to the immediate and near future? This episode is so informative and will give any individual so much perspective about the future and how we shape it. In the end, you get to vote with your wallet.

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