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This week Michelle speaks with Katie Commodore, she is an amazing professional artist with an intriguing story to share. Katie attended the Maryland Insitute College of Art, in Baltimore graduating with a BFA in illustration. Katie's professional career includes working as a studio manager and Artist/Personal Assistant for Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. She worked at several museums and is currently the Administrative Director of Crux; LCA, a cooperative of Black XR Creatives and Producers that focus on Black storytelling and creating a foothold in the burgeoning vocabulary of new media of VR and creating Black wealth. Throughout the years, she has focused on various mediums, including drawings, prints, fiber, and scrimshaw. Often focusing on materials that are not considered "fine art" and were at one time mostly thought of as women's hobbies, but brings them to a level of craft that shows off their traditional merit. A majority of her artwork is portraits of her friends during their most erotic moments, acting as a celebration of personal power, beauty, and sexuality. Katie is also a cat mom to two adorable kitties aka the 'super helpful studio assistants'.

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