The Black Trump Vote? Blexit, the Platinum Plan, and Beyond


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If you’re familiar with Kanye West, Stacey Dash, Don King, Thomas Sowell, David Clark, Rob Smith, Candice Owns, The Amazing Lucas, Jesse Lee Peterson, The Hodge Twins, Larry Elder, Diamond and Silk, or the Blexit movement, it may seem like Black Americans are supporting Donald Trump and the Republican Party like never before. Certainly if you ask the commander-in-chief he will tell you that black people love him, and that he destroyed Mitt Romney and John McCain with the amount of black votes he got. He would say that, to date, he has done more for black Americans than almost anyone on earth-- and, if elected in the 2020 election, his Platinum Plan will throw him far beyond the likes of mere mortals such as Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, way up into a stratosphere of racial politics to become Supreme Savior of Black America, Breaker of Chains: The Great White Hope, Donald J Trump.

Today we look at the time and money Donald Trump has invested in courting the black vote and if it will pay off. Welcome to: The Cave of time.

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