Ep 701 | Facebook Cancels Charity for Florida Hurricane Victims | Guests: Sara Gonzales & Tyler Merritt


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Robert “Beto” O’Rourke is in full campaign mode, and he decided to use the Uvalde shooting in his campaign ad. Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and beta male expert, joins the podcast to discuss Beto and his failure as a Texas candidate. Chad is also noticing a lot of Beto signs in the neighborhood. Why are people rallying behind Beto? Tyler Merritt, CEO of Nine Line Apparel, joins the podcast to discuss the latest censorship from Facebook of the company's campaign to help hurricane victims in Florida. Why is Big Tech so scared of conservative businesses? Vice President Harris is out celebrating the latest attempt at pandering by the administration, in which President Biden pardoned those convicted of marijuana possession. Will this work? The Chicago marathon has gone woke, deciding to add a third gender to the race: non-binary. WHY?

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