Ep 709 | Can a Red Wave REALLY Stop the Biden Progressive Agenda? | Guest: Sara Gonzales


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Can a midterm red wave stop the progressive agenda? In New York, a federal judge rules in favor of the Second Amendment, and another judge rules in favor of the city employees who were fired due to the vaccine mandates. Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and Beto expert, joins the podcast to discuss her support for Beto signs and how the Beto campaign hates it when she comes to campaign events. Why is the Beto campaign so afraid of the truth? DeSantis DESTROYED the Democrat candidate in debate, but once again the MSM refuses to report on the truth. What is happening in Pennsylvania? Why is Fetterman still trying to run for U.S. Senate? Airline pilots are now saying that the skies are getting crowded, but they aren’t talking about the International Space Station or the Starlink satellites, especially over the Pacific Ocean. Is the government trying to hide the facts behind UFOs?

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