Ep 711 | Twitter Elites FREAK When Elon Tells Them to Pay Up | Guest: Sara Gonzales


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Elon has taken over the social media giant Twitter and will lay off about 50% of its staff by today, but those on the Left are losing their minds — especially the REE REE blue checkmarks who hide behind their leftist privilege. When will the world understand that social media is not real life? Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and Twitter expert, joins the podcast to explain the difference between real-life Chad and Twitter Chad. Is there a difference? Elon Musk, Twitter CEO, is also floating the idea of charging for verification status, and, once again, people like author Stephen King are threatening to leave the platform. Crime in America is on the rise, and police departments are understaffed to the point where law enforcement officials don’t know if they’ll be able to protect Americans if they call 911. Why does the Left want to create chaos on the streets?

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