Ep 713 | HELL NO! Screw Your ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ | Guest: Sara Gonzales


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What is happening in Chad’s music career? Is Chad going mainstream? As America is trying to recover from the draconian mandates and lockdowns, the same government/media pundits want a “pandemic amnesty.” Yes, the Atlantic wants you to forget what happened during the last two years of pandemic lockdowns. The headline in question, by Emily Oster, reads, “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty.” Why does the Left wants us to forget 2020-2022? It looks like the failed politician Beto and his campaign might have broken campaigning laws after they were campaigning inside the polling line. Will Beto be held accountable? President Biden took to the podium again and threatened oil companies that they will face “higher tax” on excess profit. Why is the president continuing to hurt the American people?

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