Ep 708 | ‘Tolerant’ Left Gets Violent When Its Feelings Get Hurt


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Don’t miss the next Overtime episode because Chad is doing a deep dive into Hunter Biden's laptop after a new website was created to display all the content from the laptop. The content is too graphic to show on social media, so make sure to subscribe to http://blazetv.com/chad. Social media continues to be a cesspool infested with trolls, and as the midterms get closer, the blue checkmarks are coming hard at Chad. Alex Stein, BlazeTV contributor, was at Penn State and was assaulted with spit. Chad is here to break down the moment the protester messed up. Why does the Left hate Alex so much? British trans comedian Jordan Gray took the stage and decided to strip naked on live television and play the piano with his penis. Why? Here's a friendly reminder that on Friday’s Overtime, Chad will discuss Ashley Biden's diary and new footage of Hunter Biden from 2019 and 2018.

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