Ep 714 | Vote Blue if You Want to DESTROY America | Guest: Brad Skistimas aka Five Times August


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It’s time to set the record straight, and Chad is here pre-2022 midterms to remind everyone what the Left doesn’t want us to think about when we go and vote. Is a red wave coming? Brad Skistimas, a singer and songwriter, joins the podcast to discuss the release of his latest album, “Silent War,” and its charting on Amazon music. The Pennsylvania Senate race keeps getting weirder, as former President Obama and current President Biden try and help Fetterman as the midterms come closer. Why is the Democratic Party pushing Fetterman? Secret meetings are being held behind Speaker Pelosi’s back as Democrats are trying to elect a new House leader, and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York is the possible new leader of the party. Is the Democratic Party trying to separate from the Pelosi household? Regular Americans are tired of blue policies and feel like the federal government no longer cares about them. How can Democrats win in 2022 if the regular Joes don’t “feel” loved or taken care of?

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