Ep 717 | Trump/Marjorie Taylor Greene Presidential Ticket for 2024? | Guests: Sara Gonzales & Alex Stein


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Since the midterms are over, how can America STOP the bleeding as it heads into the 2024 presidential election? Donald Trump has a “special announcement” scheduled for Nov. 15, and many are thinking that he will announce a 2024 run. Can America survive another Trump campaign? Should Republicans move away from Trump? Emily Oster, a writer for the Atlantic, is trying to get Americans to forget what has happened the last two, almost three, years — especially the way government officials acted during the pandemic. Well, Chad is here to push back against this “pandemic amnesty” and has a special message for Emily and the others who would like to have a “pandemic amnesty.” Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and Trump expert, joins the podcast to discuss what America should focus on now as we change gears for a 2024 presidential race. Alex Stein, BlazeTV contributor and troll master, also joins the podcast to discuss why an MTG/Trump presidential ticket is what we need. Is 2024 important for the republic? The Paul Pelosi attack continues to get weirder after the NBC news story “expires,” and Chad wants answers to what is REALLY happening.

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