Ep 722 | Pardoning the Thanksgiving Turkey Gone Wrong | Guest: Gavin McInnes & Sara Gonzales


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The "national embarrassment in chief" is back, and this time, both Biden and Harris took center stage to embarrass America. As President Biden pardoned two turkeys in accordance with Thanksgiving tradition, one turkey caught the president's eye. During the ceremony, Biden decided to have a conversation with Chocolate, one of the turkeys, and things got REALLY weird. Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and turkey expert, joins to discuss why this event at the White House is troubling, especially as the media starts to notice that President Biden is becoming senile. Will Joe last until 2024? Being a comedian is getting more and more difficult as the culture tries to be so woke that it wants to cancel everyone. Comedian Gavin McInnes joins Chad to discuss the latest attempt by the woke mob to cancel him and his comedy tour. When will the Left stop? Twitter is back in the news after Elon decided to reinstate President Trump's personal account — and his account wasn’t the only one to be brought back from the dead. Will this shut down Twitter? Why does the Left hate free speech?

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