Ep 723 | How to Be Thankful in a Chaotic World | Guests: Sara Gonzales & Dr. Mark Sherwood


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As Thanksgiving gets closer, Chad and the crew discuss what they are thankful for. Sara Gonzales, BlazeTV host and family expert, joins the podcast to discuss what she’ll be doing this Thanksgiving and what she'll be eating. What can you be thankful for in 2022 as we head into 2023? Sara once again went under cover over the weekend as Denton, Texas, hosted another drag queen story hour for kids. Why is this happening? Dr. Mark Sherwood joins the podcast to discuss healthy options for Thanksgiving dinner. The media once again is trying to push a narrative, when it comes to the LGBT community, this time ignoring the murder that happened in 2016. Why is the MSM so focused on pushing the LGBT agenda? Michelle Obama felt that America “wasn’t ready” for her natural black hair. Why is the left so fast to cry racism and criticize the nation?

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