Jenna Chia #9 - Representation in Motherhood and Female Entrepreneurship


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This episode is about finding your workflow as a mom. How can we make entrepreneurship as inclusive, nurturing and uplifting as motherhood can be? What's it like to become a mom? What does it really take? And how can we navigate the two? In this episode I recount what this past year of new motherhood has looked like and how I juggle it with my coaching business. I discuss all the ups and downs of the past year and what I have felt are the most important things to prioritize along the way. We talk breastfeeding, shame around motherhood, co-sleeping, post-partum life, being the only one in your friend group to be the one in said group in a traditional marriage with a kid, etc. Ultimately, how I am processing these transitions and making peace with my new role, regardless of my past conditioning and false preconceived notions around motherhood in general. Spoiler: You are allowed to create your life and business around your authentic energy. It doesn't have to look the same as the what you think business is "supposed to look like". The same goes for motherhood. Enjoy :)

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