Finding God on the Belt and Road. Kenyan Missionaries are Converting Chinese Migrant Workers.


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Christian missionaries in Kenya are finding a new source of converts among the immigrant Chinese population that came to the country to build infrastructure. Kenyan evangelists, some of whom speak fluent Mandarin, are discovering even though their religion and cultural backgrounds are completely different from those of the Chinese, they are nonetheless breaking through with a biblical message.

Although Kenya's Christian community is extremely diverse, one group, in particular, appears to be having considerable success in converting Chinese migrants. Nairobi-based journalist April Zhu published a story in the South China Morning Post Sunday Magazine about how Jehovah’s Witnesses are attracting ever-larger numbers of Chinese converts.

April joins Eric from Beijing to discuss her report and what the implications are for those Chinese who do become Jehovah’s Witnesses and then later confront the reality of going back to China where practicing their religion is against the law.



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