South Africa's Rapid Rise to Become China's Most Important African Relationship


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25 years ago, China and South Africa were largely estranged from one another. The two countries didn't even recognize each other recognize each other as the former apartheid government in Pretoria maintained diplomatic ties with China's bitter rival in Taiwan.

Wits University postdoctoral research fellow Christopher Williams has closely followed the rise of China-South Africa relations from the beginning when former South African president Nelson Mandela formerly recognized China in 1998. Christopher joins Eric & Cobus to explain why this relationship has become so important for both countries.

Join the discussion. Do you think South Africa's emergence as the "indispensable country in Africa" for China is good for South Africa or should Pretoria re-balance its foreign policy? Let us know what you think.

Read Chris 2018 article on the backstory of how South Africa ditched Taiwan for China.

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