32. The Way of Qi and Blood


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In this episode, Dr. George and John and I talk about formulas for Qi and Blood.

Qi is considered the “Commander” of Blood and Blood is the “Mother” of Qi, so these two systems are related and that is why we discuss them together.

We recommend taking herbs every day because tonic herbalism focuses on protecting against disharmony and preventing deficiency.

If we are proactive and stay on top of our health, we can stay in balance as much as possible and achieve ongoing health and wellness. If, for whatever reason (usually stress of some kind), we lose balance, then tonic herbs also help bring us back into alignment.

This episode will shed light on various formulas that help to maintain this balance and also address those times when we might feel a lack of energy or weakness in the body.

Some of the formulas we go into detail about include: The 4 Gentlemen, Ginseng & Astragalus, and Ginseng & Longan, describing the activity, purpose and proportion of each of the ingredients, and how they move various energies in the body.

We talk about who benefits most from each of these formulas and also offer tips on how best to integrate a new formula into your existing routine.

Listen to this podcast now to learn why tonic herbs and formulas for Qi and Blood help to raise your vibration, and assist you in making better choices on a daily basis!

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