59. Recipe Secrets from Chef Colleen


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In this episode, Dr. George and John get back on the podcast train after a bit of a break.

In this episode, they talk with Chef Colleen Cackowski about how she constructs all the wonderful recipes she has created using tonic herbs and superfoods. Her amazingly delicious recipes are some of the best you have ever tasted, and Dr. George and John actually persuaded her to share her most powerful secret to recipe development!

If you learn how to do this one thing, all of your recipes moving forward will have so much more impact…

In this fun and educational interview, Chef Colleen shares many tips for how to include tonic herbs in your daily life. She also talks about:

  • How to become an expert in creating original recipes
  • Which superfoods are her “go-to” standards when constructing an elixir or a smoothie
  • How to make sure your special concoction is something that everyone will love
  • What are the best bases to use for beverages
  • How to make an exceptional salad dressing at home and never have to buy packaged dressing again

Chef Colleen shares some specific recipes for tonic elixirs, smoothies, and snacks during this interview. It’s a fast-paced and informative journey into the world of adding herbs to foods to help you take your health to the next level!

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