62. Truth and Immunity


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In this episode, Dr. George and John talk with long-time friend of Jing Herbs, Truth Calkins.

He is one of our their most popular podcast guests and it is no wonder as he is a well-known and much loved person, especially around their home base of Los Angeles, where he was one of the primary forces who made tonic bars a popular and trendy place to go for optimal health.

One of Truth’s great gifts is his unrelenting desire to investigate and personally test health and longevity healing modalities. Currently working on an exhaustive manual of his findings and experiences, Truth will be joining them for a series of podcasts, the first one being Immunity and how to preserve ongoing health.

In Part 1 of a 2-part series on the Immune System, they discuss:

  • the basics of good immune health
  • what makes up the immune system
  • the two kinds of immunity
  • how changes to one system can cause a cascade of issues that can become overwhelming to the body, and so much more…

In addition:

  • Find out which herbs are the “Great Protectors” of Chinese Medicine
  • What happens to your immune systems as you age
  • What the effects are of taking antibiotics on the immune system, particularly for children
  • Which famous herb is the best choice if you are looking for help releasing a bad habit or addiction

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