37. Art of Eating


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In this episode, Dr. George and John about the Art of Eating. All of us need to eat, but how many of us spend time thinking about how we chew, the energetics of the foods we eat, the environment where we eat, and our philosophical approach to enjoying each meal?

Listen to Dr. George talk about why all these variables are important and also why people say it’s not good to drink too much liquid with your meal—or if you do, why you should avoid things like hot coffee or a cold soda.

Is there an ideal way of eating that is associated with the particular constitution of our body? Does the time of day that we eat change how well our body digests? What is one simple habit that we can adopt in the morning that will help overall digestion?

The Yin and Yang of foods is also explored as well as different energetic body types and how to feed each type, plus much more. Tune in now and get the scoop on maximizing your digestion!

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