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This is Dr. George and in our latest podcast, John and I talk with Beverly Hills chiropractor Dr. Zail Khalsa.

A budding molecular geneticist turned chiropractor, Dr. Zail shares an interesting story about events which set him on a path towards greater health and which he now helps others to follow.

In this episode we talk about the mechanics of spinal health. Have you ever heard about subluxations? What are they and how do they affect the body?

Movement is a fundamental principle of life. The problems associated with sitting for long periods have been making headlines. How does sitting affect the body? Do you know about the difference between a placebo and an “active” placebo? How does an active placebo potentially affect results in clinical studies?

How does chiropractic affect the immune system? And speaking of immunity, what about these mandatory vaccinations that are in the news? Are you aware of the “stealth” vaccination law that has been in effect for some time?

How do drug companies legitimately hide results of studies that don’t put their product in a favorable light? Why do vaccines typically not achieve the results they are intended for, and how are they possibly related to autoimmune disorders?

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