21. Deer Antler


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Deer Antler

In this episode, Dr. George Lamoureux explores the world of Deer Antler. Deer Antler is an interesting “herb” in the Chinese pharmacopeia. It’s a potent herb with many components and many benefits.

Find out:

  • What are the properties of Deer Antler?
  • What channels does it enter in the body?
  • Why is it surprising which organs are most affected considering the properties it has in the classical Chinese system?

How to use Deer Antler

Many people who are familiar with Chinese herbs know that

Deer Antler tonifies Kidney Yang Jing, but what does this mean?

  • Who benefits the most?
  • Why is the source of Deer Antler important?
  • Who needs to be careful about taking this powerful product?
  • What are the main constituents?
  • Do vegetarians use this product?
  • Why is Jing Herbs Deer Antler formula unique and better than other products on the market?

Listen now to this podcast to get all these answers PLUS hear some amazing stories of healing and regeneration from people who have had results using Deer Antler.

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