46. Diabetes Dominator Interview


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In this episode, Dr. George and John have another special guest podcast for you. In this episode they interview Daniele Hargenrader, “The Diabetes Dominator”! Daniele is an international speaker, nutritionist, health coach and certified personal trainer whose mission it is to help unleash the inner Diabetes Dominator in YOU!

In their conversation with Daniele, she shared with them how her personal journey of being diagnosed with diabetes in 2001 has led her to a complete health turnaround from obese to athlete, where she now helps others to do the same through the power of choice.

Are all calories the same? If two different foods have the same number of calories, how do you know which one to choose? Why are most commercially produced juice products actually detrimental to health? Why is it important to combine exercise and nutrition together for the best health regimen? What effect does a higher ratio of muscle mass have in the body?

Daniele addresses all these questions, plus she talked about how to hear our body’s messages and why it’s important to have courage to follow up on those messages when they arise, how our box-based society suffers from being disconnected from nature, which supplements and herbs might be helpful for people who have diabetes, and she shares some great success stories of people who have overcome the odds, returning their bodies to optimal health.

Finally Daniele shared some great tips for prevention so if you don’t already have diabetes, you can learn how to avoid it. It is estimated that 29 million people in the US (almost 10%) today have diabetes, so make sure you listen to this episode so you can arm yourself with some valuable information to support your health.

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