35. Energetic Medicine with Qi Gong expert Maria Furlano


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In this new episode of our podcast, George and John interview an expert in Medical Qi Gong. Maria Furlano is a Qi Gong expert, and actually is one of George's mentors in this powerful eastern tradition.

A medical intuitive with a background of 12 years in martial arts, Maria has a thriving mind-body-soul practice, helping high performance professionals and others to learn this practice which helps restore and protect the body in multiple ways.

An unfortunate accident in college led Maria down this path of self-healing and now she uses what she learned to help others learn to help themselves.

Qi Gong is a special practice which actually demonstrates the connection between mind and body. During this interview you will learn more about what Qi Gong is and how it is different from Tai Chi.

  • What benefits can you expect to receive when you practice this art?
  • How does Qi Gong influence telomerase activity in the chromosomes?
  • Are there any clinical studies which show a clear benefit of using this practice?
  • What do they show?

Maria even explains how Qi Gong can strengthen your intuition and clear obstacles in your energetic field so you can be more of who you are meant to be! Maria ended the interview with a powerful exercise that really helps get the energy flowing in the body in just moments – try it now!

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