42. Plugging into Longevity with Truth Calkins


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In this episode, Dr. George John talk with a long-time friend, fellow herbalist, and Renaissance healer and coach, Truth Calkins. Some of you may know Truth from his work with tonic herbs, but he has a broad base of experience in many areas related to health and longevity especially ones that harness cutting edge technology. Find out which ones are right for you!

An inspirational health coach and self-studied expert in tonic herbs, dietary supplements, various diets for optimal vitality, and multiple advanced technologies, Truth Calkins shares his story of how he lost his health to chronic fatigue and regained it through his own explorations in the fields of these alternative areas.

In this richly informative interview find out about Truth’s top 5 tonic herbs and why he reveres them—including an amazing articulation of the spiritual benefits of the herbs. Also find about the secret set of exercises Truth has used to create abundant energy and health that you can simply and quickly incorporate into your daily routine.

Combining these exercises, tonic herbs, and magnetic therapy, Truth has created a powerful program for wellness that is very special and unique. All of Truth’s skills are directed at activating the body’s innate self-healing potential on all levels… This interview is truly inspiring!

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