45. Super Tonic Comfort Foods with Joy and Jay


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In this episode, Dr. George and John and talk with Jingslingers extraordinaire, Jay Denman and Joy Coelho. Jay and Joy have decades of combined experience making tonic drinks and infusing superfoods and tonic herbs into healthy comfort foods. Their delicious creations have graced red carpets and celebrity tables all over Los Angeles.

We were fortunate enough to enjoy some of Jay and Joy’s healthy super tonic treats during this interview and let me assure you, your mouth will water when you listen!

In this episode, the Jingslingers discuss many things related to food: How the energy of preparation goes into the finished product; how to know which herbs should go with which foods; how to balance the stimulating effects of caffeinated beverages with herbs, and more.

Jay and Joy also talk about some great solutions for detoxing including revealing a powerful supplement that knocks out mycotoxins, mold, and other everyday contaminants, and a vegetable that is an amazing cardiovascular tonic.

They also shared their thoughts on healthy water, the effect of fast food on gut bacteria and more. This is a fun episode that you will enjoy – so download it now!

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