22. The Miracles of Gynostemma


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In this episode, Dr. George reveals the amazing health and longevity benifits of the remarkable herb, gynostemma.

Impress your friends by knowing not only what this amazing adaptogenic substance is all about, but also by knowing its botanical, pharmaceutical, and common Chinese names also!

What does the research say that gynostemma is good for?

Which systems in the body receive the most benefit from taking this herb?

Or maybe it is easier to list the few that are not especially indicated!

When you listen to this podcast and think about the numerous positive effects that gynostemma has, you can easily understand why it is in several Jing Herbs formulas and what purpose it serves in each. Discover this and more and become the expert in your social circle on this truly powerful supertonic herb!

Did you know that saponins are the active ingredients that give gynostemma its adaptogenic status? These saponins are structurally very similar to the ginsenosides found in ginseng. With over 80 different saponins contained in gynostemma, called “gypenosides,” this is truly one of the most remarkable herbs you will ever take.

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