33. The Way of Shen


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In this podcast with Dr. George Lamoureux, we get to the third of the Three Treasures, Shen. In this episode, Dr. George and John discuss two potent Shen balancing formulas.

All the Treasures are important, but Shen is perhaps the most important, since all of these Chinese formulas ultimately are intended to nourish and nurture this special creative and spiritual aspect of ourselves.

Shen relates to the Heart, Blood, and Liver, so the herbs we describe today all affect these organs and systems in the body.

Any disturbance to the Shen has an impact on preventing us from achieving our full potential, so it’s smart for us to keep Shen in balance, allowing us to live fully the life we were meant to have.

The extended name of one of these Shen balancing formulas is “The Emperor of Heaven’s Pill to Tonify the Heart. Can you guess which formula that refers to?

The second formula we discuss is Peaceful Spirit. Who doesn’t need more calm and harmony in their lives? If you suffer from any kind of grief or loss, are in recovery or just want to feel uplifted, you will want to learn more about this beautiful formula.

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