43. Truth Calkins Part 2


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In this podcast, Dr. George and John continue their conversation in the second installment of the 3-part podcast series with long-time friend, fellow herbalist, and Renaissance healer and coach, Truth Calkins, we discuss some important topics related to preserving our immune systems in a toxic environment.

Radiation is a huge modern day concern. Whether the radiation we are exposed to comes from EMFs, residues from nuclear accidents such as Fukushima or other leaking power plants, or even from the sun, this is one of the variables that we have less control over in our environment. What can we do to protect and preserve our health, prevent physical problems, and if affected, detox from too much radiation?

In this podcast, Truth goes into incredible detail about how to deal with each of these scenarios. He discusses particular contaminants and the best natural remedies that can help our bodies detox, defend, and stay strong. From minerals and supplements to technology, this is one information-packed episode that you will want to replay many times over. We are excited to share this interview with you…

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