#1 The Chirp With Daren Millard Ft Rick Tocchet and PJ Stock


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Wow, it’s finally here… My own show. The Chirp is an interview/conversation podcast involving people in hockey. What 85% of the guests will have in common is they are friends of mine. That means I know things about them and will try and get them to share those funny things. Example, in episode one I catch up with Arizona Coyotes coach Rick Tocchet. I know a story about Rick playing a pickup game when he was a member of the Penguins, a game in which an out of town buddy of Ricks suited up by stealing Jaromir Jagr’s equipment. ummm whats the worst that could happen.. Rick also shares the story about the one time he “chirped a player” as a head coach. You may or may not be surprised who he called out!!!! PJ and I have mutual respect for each other. He would really like to work with me again so I give him a shot on Episode one. LOL love this guy. He’s top five in my book and yet we talk about goofy stuff, hockey stuff and parenting styles. I hope you enjoy “the chirp” I appreciate all the support. The journey hasn’t been all fun, but the van is gaining speed and were picking up a lot of friends along the way. Yours in Hockey Daren Millard @darenmillard Don't forget to like and subscribe on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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