#19 The Chirp With Daren Millard 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Edition Ft PJ Stock


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Well hello, Chirp Nation! What’s this? A little bit of bonus content for you beautiful souls. Listen the first round of the playoffs was a complete gong show. There is no way around it. Not one hockey expert or person on planet earth could have predicted the outcome of that first round. To recap. The regular season juggernaut Tampa Bay Lightning were SWEPT! The defending Stanley Cup Champs, eliminated in overtime. The Calgary Flames, first place in the west, check ya later! We have to try and make sense of all of this! The hockey world is losing their minds. Stop whatever you are doing and listen up! We welcome to The Chirp the always candid PJ Stock to help us go over what we have just witnessed. We touch on who is left, refereeing, penalties the game-changing and what to expect moving forward in these playoffs. You gotta love the parity the NHL brings! Enjoy!

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