#25 The Chirp With Daren Millard ft Jon Cooper


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Welcome to the 25th episode of the Chirp with Daren Millard. On today’s episode, we welcome arguably one of the best coaches in the National Hockey League. Not only did this man lead the Tampa Bay Lightning to a record-setting regular season he is also a finalist for Jack Adams Award. At the Chirp we don’t like to lie, we did this interview some time ago but needed the right time to release it and the NHL Awards Week seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. John and Daren discuss his coaching career thus far, nicknames, pulling the goalie and having a team-first mentality vs a secular mentality. John dishes on Steven Stamkos moving to the wing for the betterment of the team, not winning the Stanley Cup, personal growth and covering his mouth with the lineup card when he swears. John is one of the most accessible and genuine coaches in the entire league. This interview was a pleasure. Enjoy!

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